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Nobody knows your brand better than you, and your customers.

Why hand over brand development to an agency or freelancers? All you need is the right tools, structure, and a bit of advice. That’s why BrandDIY was invented. 

BrandDIY delivers

BrandDIY was developed by Marc Stoiber, a creative director with 30 years of brand-building experience, and his tribe of over 500 entrepreneurs at BrandDIYGroup.com.

Together, we’ve nailed down the brand-building challenges real entrepreneurs have, and developed specific, simple, affordable solutions that get the job done.


Still think you can't Do It Yourself and Do It Well?
That's what ad and design agencies would have you believe.

With the right tools, and surrounded by people you can lean on and trust – other entrepreneurs – there’s no reason you can’t build a brilliant brand based on objective insights.

Same goes for turning your brand thoughts into great campaigns or design. You don’t need an agency for that. It’s a freelance world, amigo, and with a strong brand foundation, freelancers will knock it out of the park for you.

Pick just what you need

BrandDIY Books

Download BrandDIY, the guide and workbooks that launched it all. Learn the proven brand-building process Marc uses on massive multinational clients and scrappy startups alike.

Brand Starter Kit

Do the 12 day BrandDIY Brand Starter Kit with Marc as your personal coach. Perfect for pivots, new brands, and evolving brands.

Power Packs

Get one (or all) of our BrandDIY Power Packs – programs that show you how to solve entrepreneurs’ most common brand challenges.

BrandDIY Group

Join BrandDIYGroup.com, share your experiences, and learn from other entrepreneurs on the same brand-building journey.

Video Library

Want brand inspiration? Answers to specific questions? A little brand entertainment? Check out these shows recorded from BrandDIYGroup.com livestreams.


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Get on the newsletter list, to hear about new products, coaching and all the free stuff you could ever need.

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