Take control of your brand 
with the BrandDIY Course!
The 10 Unit Course That Takes You From Vision To Brand
Unit 1 - Get to your What and Why
Unit 2 - How to do research, and know your customers
Unit 3 - How to turn your research into insights
Unit 4 - Creating your Unique Selling Proposition
Unit 5 - Optimizing your brand experience
Unit 6 - Writing the brand story, and your founder story
Unit 7 - Creating brand-centric services and products
Unit 8 - How to co-design with your customers
Unit 9 - How to communicate your new brand
Unit 10 - How to execute consistently
Sure you're excited to build a powerful brand. But you want some reassurance that you'll be getting real value. 
That's why I'm offering you the very first unit in the course - The What and The Why - absolutely free. 
That's $50 in value that I'm happy to give you, to give you an idea of how the course works. 
You can even log onto the members' forum for free to ask me questions and compare notes with other brand builders. 
If you like what you see, check out the whole course!
Get Coaching By Marc

I'll be there to work with you - every step of the way!
The BrandDIY Course comes with access to my Members' Forum, where you can ask me all your questions, and get the answers you need.
It's like having a coach walking you through the entire brand-building exercise!
Add This to Your Order Now to Gain These Benefits
Understand what you do better than anyone else in the world. And what customer problems you, and only you, can solve.
Understanding your brand isn't enough. You need products and services that deliver your Unique Selling Proposition better than any of your competitors. 
Your awesome product will die if nobody understands what it does, or where to get it. Learn the language that delivers your Unique Selling Proposition best. 
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